It's going to be another frigid day Monday but mostly sunny. However, the weather is going to warm up considerably for Tuesday with highs between six and 10 degrees.

Central mainland (including greater Halifax)

Forecast: Mainly sunny.

High temperature: Near -6 C

Low temperature: Near -12 C then rising overnight

Northern Nova Scotia

Forecast: Mainly sunny. 

High temperature: Near -8 C

Low temperature tonight: Near -16 C then rising overnight

Southwestern Nova Scotia

Forecast: A mix of sun and cloud. 

High temperature: Near -4 C 

Low temperature: Near -10 C then rising overnight

Annapolis Valley and Cumberland County

Forecast: A mix of sun and cloud.

High temperature: -8 C to -6 C

Low temperature tonight: -10 C then rising overnight

Cape Breton

Forecast: A mix of sun and cloud with flurries.

High temperature: -10 C to -8 C

Low temperature tonight: -14 C to -12 C then rising overnight