The Nova Scotia government wants to see more garbage diverted from its landfills.

Environment Minister Randy Delorey said the government wants public input on proposed changes to solid waste regulations, including banning more items from garbage collection.

A discussion paper says the province wants to promote more reuse and recycling through changes in seven areas:

  • Product stewardship.
  • Disposal bans and approval requirements.
  • Used tire management program.
  • Removal of the requirement for regional solid waste management plans.
  • Clarity on the rules for energy from waste.
  • Improved enforceability of the solid waste regulations.
  • Beverage container deposit refund program.

For example, the province is looking at making some producers responsible for recycling their products.

The discussion paper recommends producers of items such as batteries, oil filters, paint, pharmaceuticals and mattresses submit a plan to the province detailing how they would ensure their products are recycled instead of going to landfills.

As well, the government said there could be new disposal bans on packaging, paper, compact fluorescent light bulbs and batteries.

The province is also looking into changing its used tire management program to include off-the-road tires for all-terrain vehicles, mining equipment and farm tractors to the regulation.

If the proposed changes go through, Nova Scotians who purchase off-the-road tires would see a fee added to the price of their tires as a recycling fee, which currently exists only on new passenger tires.

With files from The Canadian Press