In May, the Halifax Regional School board announced it would cut 152 classroom teachers to handle its 0.9 per cent budget reduction for 2012-13. (CBC)

Nova Scotia's Department of Education is capping the size of primary to Grade 3 classes at 25 students after an out-cry from parents in September.

Drawing time in Ms. Flynn's primary class paused briefly on Thursday after Education Minister Ramona Jennex stopped by to make an announcement.

"I am here today to announce that the province will provide funding so that all classes will continue to be capped at 25 students," she said.

Last year the province stirred up controversy when it increased class sizes to as many as 29 students. Parents across Nova Scotia said they were frustrated their children were in larger classrooms with fewer resources.

"This is an admission that what the NDP had done to education wasn't working," said Liberal education critic Kelly Regan.

Colleen Robbin was one of the parents who complained. She said she's glad for the permanent change, but says more can be done.

"Right now my children, ironically, are going into Grade 4 and Grade 6 next year. So these caps they're talking about will have no impact on my family," she said.

There is no limit for upper grades.