Nova Scotia Power program to upgrade low-income homes

Nova Scotia Power says a new program will provide energy savings upgrades to low income Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia Power says a new program will upgrade the homes of low-income Nova Scotians to make them more energy efficient.

The program will cost the utility $3.4 million a year and will upgrade 6,000 homes over a 10-year period.

The upgrades include providing insulation, improvements to wiring and insulating hot water heaters. The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation will carry out the program.

Nova Scotia Power CEO Bob Hanf said the program will help customers save more than $550 a year on their power bills.

He declined to provide details about discussions with the provincial Liberal government about its campaign promise to force the utility to foot the cost of efficiency programs.

The Liberals have come under fire this week after they introduced legislation that would allow Nova Scotia Power to pass on the costs to customers of running efficiency programs over eight years, beginning in 2016. The legislation is contrary to what the Liberals promised.

With files from Canadian Press