A Nova Scotia fisherman's message in a bottle drifted 4,400 kilometres before it was picked up an ocean away, but it's going even farther on social media.

Darren Wagner has been putting bottled messages out to sea for seven years from his Clearwater Seafoods scallop trawler, the Atlantic Protector. The latest one was found by two people on a beach in Devon, England.

The Hubbards man got an email from the pair — identified only as Jack and Emma — in January, but the story was tweeted by the High Commission of Canada in the U.K. on Monday and the digital message in a bottle rocketed around the world.

"We have 26 men on board. The weather is calm. We are fishing on Georges Bank, 120 miles south of Nova Scotia," reads the message.

"It is Aug. 8, 2013. Please email me if you get this message to see where this ends up."

According to the Twitter account for the High Commission of Canada in the U.K., Wagner's email address was removed from the picture before it was tweeted.

Wagner said he always enjoys hearing from people who've found his bottles.

"I just find it neat, right, it's interesting to see where they go," Wagner said.

"I've had one go right to my home town. That was maybe five miles from my house and they actually put it up in their summer home, framed it and stuck it there."

Wagner has also had bottles travel to Morocco, the Azores, Newfoundland, St. Pierre and New York. 

He has also been on the receiving end of a message in a bottle — sent by a girl on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore.