Construction companies and unionized building trades in Nova Scotia have launched new online and TV ads to convince more people to get into the business and stay in the province.

Under the brand Build Right Nova Scotia, the unionized construction industry is promoting the province as a good place to work.

With 15 per cent of its workers commuting to higher paid jobs out west, recruitment can be a tough sell.

“The main message here is to promote awareness to youth that here is a place they can stay and work and still have a good wage,” said John Mullin, vice-president at Aecon Group Inc., one of the country's largest contractors.

The ads equate the $7 million Nova Scotia spends on training each year with better quality work.

Safety concerns raised by a half dozen construction fatalities last year are also driving the new ad campaign.

“It is to try and counteract the belief that construction is unsafe. Done the right way, done professionally, done with proper training, construction can be very safe,” said Brad Smith, spokesman for the Mainland Building and Construction Trades Council.

The trade unions and unionized contractors are fronting the cost of the public relations blitz, but they won’t disclose how much they’re spending.