Nova Scotia's Transportation Department says slippery road conditions are being reported in many areas of the province.

With chilly temperatures present throughout the province, it means road salt isn't proving to be effective.

"Salt doesn't work very effectively after -9 C," said Barb Baillie, the executive director of maintenance and operations for the department.

As a result, sand is being used.

"If we can get around -10 C, - 9 C, we'll start using salt again," said Baillie.

She says things are being complicated by windy conditions, which is resulting in snow being blown onto roads.

The department is recommending people drive to the conditions.

According to Environment Canada, temperatures will drop even further this evening:

  • Yarmouth — high of –10 C today, but dropping to as low as –15 C tonight (or feels like –25 C with the wind chill)
  • Halifax — steady temperatures of –11 C today, but dropping to as low as –14 C tonight
  • Amherst — steady temperatures of –15 C today (feels like –28 C with the wind chill), but dropping to as low as –20 C tonight (or –30 C with the wind chill)
  • Sydney — a low of –10 C is expected today, but the temperature should drop to  –16 C tonight (feeling like –27 C with the wind chill)