Not Since Moses 2014 run cancelled due to tide schedule

A unique and popular annual run in the Maritimes has been temporarily cancelled.

5K/10K run takes place in Five Islands, N.S.

Last year nearly 1,600 people took part in the mucky run on the ocean floor. (

A unique and popular annual run in the Maritimes has been temporarily cancelled.    

The Not Since Moses run is a five and ten kilometre run along the shore of the Bay of Fundy during low tide at Nova Scotia's Five Islands Provincial Park.

Last year nearly 1,600 people took part.

But Carol Corbett, one of the event’s organizers, said they have looked ahead to next summer when the run is supposed to happen and have discovered there are not any weekends when the tide will be low enough to conduct the run safely.

"When you have the tide coming in, you need to make sure that everyone can safely get around all the pinch points -- that would be any point where the tide could trap people, or across the channel."

The run will be back. Corbett said in 2015 the tides will again be low enough to conduct the weekend run.

“I think that we were all very surprised and I think none of us could really believe that we weren't going to be lucky once again with our tides -- and we had been for several years. We knew this was a unique event because it can only be held on certain weekends and, just for 2014, we aren't going to have one of those weekends.

The lowest tide on a weekend for summer 2014 is 1.1 meters. Corbett said last year they ran the run at 0.9 meter low tide and that was pretty wet.

She said the fastest people wouldn't have a problem but slow runners wouldn't have enough time before they'd be running in some fairly deep water.


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