Despite an aging population and increased demand for homecare services, Northwood Homecare Ltd. in Halifax has announced they will be cutting seven jobs.

Northwood looks after approximately 1,800 people, from Windsor to Sheet Harbour.

The continuing care service will cut four registered nurse managers, who supervise home support workers, and three administrative assistants.

John Verlinden, the corporate director for communications and community engagement at Northwood, said the reality in Nova Scotia is that demand for homecare services will continue to increase. He said government will try to keep people in their homes as long as possible.

"As the demand increases, even if your budget remains the same, you still have to respond to those increased demands," said Verlinden.

"We have decided to reduce a number of positions at the management level and, certainly, continue our focus on delivering care directly to the home," he said.

Verlinden said they will be hiring to "fill any gaps in the system."

He could not say yet whether the job losses are the result of provincial funding cuts from the health department.