Unionized employees of Northwood Homecare are headed back to the bargaining table in the last few hours before a 7 a.m. strike deadline on Monday morning.

The latest round of negotiations began Sunday evening at the Dartmouth Holiday Inn.

The Nova Scotia Government Employees Union says its position has not changed, but says the homecare company called the members back to the table.

The NSGEU says the workers' main issue is unpaid, on-call scheduling.

A homecare worker who is paid for an eight-hour day is on call for 10 hours.

But their employer says it needs the scheduling flexibility to meet client needs — which include bathing, dressing and preparing meals.

The union represents more than 350 workers who care for 1,600 clients in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Joan Jessome, president of the NSGEU, says if negotiations are going well later Sunday, she'll be able to tell her members they won't be on the picket line Monday.

"I do have a call scheduled to go out to the membership tonight at nine o'clock. So I'm assuming by nine o'clock we'll either have a deal, or we'll know what the next step is. At this point, 7 a.m. is still the target."