Burned linen hamper

A fire in this laundry hamper caused minor damage at Northside General Hospital. (Submitted by Nova Scotia Health Authority)

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says a small fire overnight in the laundry room of the Northside General Hospital in North Sydney caused only minor damage. 

Damage from fire at Northside General Hospital

The fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of linen, according to the Nova Scotia Health Authority. (Submitted by Nova Scotia Health Authority)

In a statement, the authority said the fire marshall has determined the fire started accidentally in a hamper of clean laundry and was "linked to the spontaneous combustion of linen."

Fire damage was limited to a small dryer room, although the main laundry area sustained smoke and water damage, and smoke travelled to some other areas of the hospital.

The fire triggered the alarm and sprinkler system around 4:30 a.m.

The authority said a hospital security guard was checked for smoke inhalation but needed no further treatment, and there were no injuries.

The hospital has temporarily moved outpatient blood collection, located next to the laundry, to a nearby room, but the emergency department remains open.