After years underground, a noisy insect is emerging in large numbers and scientists say Nova Scotia is targeted for an invasion this summer.

Cicadas live underground for 13 to 17 years, and then surface to reproduce and die. They come up annually, but this year scientists are predicting a bumper crop.

Cicadas aren't dangerous for people or nature, but the males make a lot of noise.

"The guys are out there advertising for females and what we'll be hearing is this very loud buzzing sound, very prolonged sound, actually a courting call, they'll be moving the little timbales on the sides of their bodies calling for any mate that's nearby," said Andrew Hebda, a curator of zoology for the Nova Scotia government.

He said the insects will most likely be found in the Halifax region, the Annapolis Valley, Yarmouth and possibly Cape Breton.

"In the states, where they emerge a little bit sooner because the ground warms up quite a bit faster than here, they're talking about tens of billions of them," said Hebda.

He said the cicadas are expected to emerge in the middle of June as the soil warms up.

Click on the video to hear a preview of the cicada's sound.