Halifax Police are looking for a 25-year-old man who may have been the target of a drive-by shooting early Saturday morning in the city's north end.  

Staff Sgt. Lindsay Hernden said officers were called to the corner of Robie and McCully streets around 2:15 a.m.  

Hernden said the initial investigation when police arrived on scene turned up nothing, but then they were approached by a cab driver.  

"As the members were beginning to leave the area they were stopped at the Robie Street Irving by a taxi driver who had disclosed to the members that he had been driving on Robie Street when a silver-coloured, smaller vehicle pulled up beside them and fired several rounds into the car, several of the rounds striking the vehicle," said Hernden.  

He said the passenger fled the scene before police arrived, as did the silver car.

A witness to the shooting who did not want to be identified said he heard a total of five shots fired.

"There was one and then there were four more in quick succession," he said. "Then a car sped off, kind of, as the last shot went off. I heard the squealing of the tires and the car accelerating down the street."

No one was hurt.

Hernden said it does not appear that the driver of the taxi was the target. 

The taxi has been seized and forensic investigators are examining it.

According to CBC's tracking of shootings in the Halifax area, Saturday morning's shooting marks the 36th incident of gunplay in the HRM this year, four of which were fatal.