Police continue to investigate three suspicious fires that happened early Saturday, including two homes where there were people inside.

Cape Breton Regional Police said all three fires occurred around the same time early Saturday, and in the same neighbourhood.

Two homes were set on fire along with a large storage shed. 

They are being treated as connected however police say there are no details yet on who might be responsible.

“Any time there are a rash of incidents in one targeted location we do always assign extra resources to monitor that area in order to prevent any future incidents from happening,” said  said Desiree Vasallo, a spokeswoman for the Cape Breton Regional Police.
The first fire was reported at 12:20 a.m. on Argyle Street in Sydney. A shed was destroyed, but no one was hurt.

Sydney fire on Lorway Avenue

Cape Breton Regional Police say the early-morning fire on Lorway Avenue is suspicious. (George Mortimer/CBC)

“And it got really bad so it started to spreading up the stairways to the apartment building,” said Al Gagnon who lives nearby and saw the flames.

He said the heat could be felt from almost 15 metres back.

Gagnon said many of the tenants were sleeping at the time of the fire. He and a friend went to the front of the house to get people out. 

“They were in shock and they came down the stairs they were crying and a lot of fear in their eyes too,” he said.

Soon after police and fire officials were then called to a fire on Lorway Avenue where a wreath on the door of a home was set on fire. 

The family who lives there noticed the flames and were able to extinguish it themselves with buckets of water. 

About 30 minutes after the first fire , there was a report of another fire at a three-unit apartment building further down Lorway Avenue.

All people and their pets, including two dogs and a ferret, managed to get out unharmed. 

Police say all three fires are under active investigation.