A new walking trail in Shubenacadie was officially opened to the public Wednesday. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the MacInnis Trail was kicked off by the trail’s namesake, 90-year-old Ross MacInnis, a well-known village resident.

Ross and Madeline macinnis

Ross and Madeline MacInnis donated a significant amount of land for the trail. Ross cut the ribbon at the trail's opening ceremony. ( Stephanie Vankampen/CBC)

MacInnis donated a significant amount of land for the trail.

“It’s taken a lot of effort and patience and partnership and tenacity, and huge community involvement,” said his daughter Pam MacInnis. “I don’t think he could be more proud to see it completed.”

The $70,000 project was paid for by a combination of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, along with generous donations, and plenty of volunteer labour.

Over the last six years, neighbours have been clearing a path, putting up signs and laying down gravel for the trail.

Pam MacInnis

Pam MacInnis says the trail is the result of a community effort. (CBC)

“Its not only one or two persons, it's everybody in the community,” said  Les Jayasinghe former president of Shubenacadie Community Development Association. 

He said there are few other options for walkers in the area. 

“Because this is farmland and there are a lot of big tractors along these roads and there's no place for them to walk.”

The wheelchair accessible trail begins behind the village bakery in Shubenacadie and runs 2.2 kilometres through wooded area and around a pond, before looping back to the trailhead.