New N.S. ad campaign draws mixed reaction

The Nova Scotia government has started a new ad campaign called Jobs Here and it's drawing mixed reaction.

Opposition parties say campaign isn't money well spent

The Nova Scotia government has started a new ad campaign called Our Future Starts Here and it's drawing mixed reaction.

The radio and TV ads follow the Ships Start Here campaign, and tell Nova Scotians it's their time and although they've faced adversity, they have the skills to succeed.

Mount Saint Vincent University business professor Ed McHugh said the television ad is well-produced and the government is well within its rights to build the confidence of people in the province.

"I've got to give them kudos. Every now and then I think you say 'well done.' It's not in our nature to do that but this one, I'd give them an A."

McHugh called it a feel good campaign and Economic Development Minister Percy Paris says that's exactly what the ads are designed to do.

"We want Nova Scotians to feel good about themselves, to get up in the morning and want to look for new opportunities," Paris said. "We want them to be thinking about coming home back here to their native province. We want them to stay here. we want them to raise their families here so this is all part of the bigger picture for us."

The opposition parties aren't as enthusiastic about the campaign.

Liberal leader Stephen McNeil said 12,000 jobs have been lost in Nova Scotia since the New Democrats came to power and the ads are trying to create an illusion.

"I'd rather we spend money that was actually putting people back to work."

PC leader Jamie Baillie said it's unacceptable to be spending money for that purpose in these tough times.

"They took a bad step yesterday when at the same time they're running these ads trying to make us all feel good, that they passed first contract arbitration which all the major employers in our province say will hurt investments in jobs in the future."

Paris said the campaign production costs and airtime is costing $160,000.