A professor at Cape Breton University is working on an app that will act as a travelling digital museum about Nova Scotia mining disaster songs.

Her work is attracting international attention.

Heather Sparling’s exhibit will feature four tablets on top of wooden kiosks, similar to pinball machines.

The app for the tablets will be the interface for the exhibit. 

It will play music and will allow the user to explore some of the research on disaster songs. 
So far, 12 groups from Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom and India have submitted bids to design the app. 

Sparling says she got the idea for using the tablets after she saw a dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.  

"It made me start to think about what role digital technology might play in exhibiting music," she says. 

"I watched how excited the kids were to touch these tablets and I saw how they were designed so that different kinds of museum visitors could engage, more or less deeply, depending on their interests."
Sparling hopes the app will be finished in the next couple of months. 

She expects the whole travelling digital museum exhibit to be finished in the fall.