A 52-year-old woman from New Glasgow is facing impaired driving charges after someone hit four vehicles Sunday morning in the town.

The incident happened just after 11:30 a.m. on Temperance Street.

Const. Ken Macdonald is with the New Glasgow Regional Police Service.

He said someone driving a 2006 GMC Envoy hit three parked cars and one driven by a man they say was trying to get out of the way.

“The vehicle was driving on the sidewalk and the opposite side of the road. it damaged three vehicles and immediately came to rest at the end of Temperance Street,” said Macdonald.

Macdonald also said it’s amazing no one was hurt.

“This is a miracle that no pedestrians or vehicle passengers that were in the vehicles at the time were injured, especially at this time of day. This is a very travelled, high pedestrian travelled route on Temperance Street. It’s right in our downtown core of New Glasgow,“  he said.

Of the four vehicles involved, three of them suffered extensive damage including the Envoy.

Police charged the woman with impaired driving as well as refusing a breathalyzer. She was sent to hospital with minor injuries and was later released.

The woman will appear in court at a later date.