Halifax Harbour Bridges has a new set of cameras hanging on the MacKay, but they’re not there to catch speeders.

The bridge commission will spend the next 30 days tracking the number of people in vehicles.

“We know how many vehicles cross because they cross through the tolls and they pay the tolls,” said Alison MacDonald of Halifax Harbour Bridges. “But we have no idea as to how many people are in those vehicles.”

The cameras are on loan from Xerox, which is also testing the technology.

MacDonald said people shouldn’t be concerned about their privacy.

“As soon as the image is taken, the image of the persons face is redacted, which means it becomes unrecognizable.”

One possible outcome of this experiment may end up being good news for people who carpool. MacDonald said the commission may consider reducing the cost for people who carry several passengers.

“Or they may be able to have access to a special lane if they have more people in a vehicle.”