When does the smell of marijuana constitute a nuisance?

That's what one Halifax councillor is wondering after getting an appeal for help from a homeowner in his area.

Reg Rankin represents District 12 Timberlea-Beechville-Clayton Park West.

"This has festered for a year now," Rankin said.

The situation involves two semi-detached homes that share an adjoining wall. One neighbour has a medical marijuana licence.

Property value affected?

The smell is overwhelming for the person who lives next door, Rankin said, and that person has concerns about the impact on health as well as the value of their property.

"How far does enjoyment of property count?" Rankin said.

The councillor wants to know if there are any federal, provincial or municipal rules that could limit the impact of the medical marijuana licence on others.

Rankin is planning to ask for a staff report to try to answer his questions at Tuesday's council meeting.