NDP Premier Darrell Dexter said his government will amend the Labour Board Act. ((CBC))

Premier Darrell Dexter says his government will amend Bill 100, a bill that was criticized as being too pro-union.

The amendments will ensure that non-unionized businesses are able to provide services to government, he said. They will also guarantee non-unionized businesses are consulted on potential labour changes affecting matters like union drives.

The amendments will be tabled when the bill comes back to the floor of the legislature late Thursday, the premier said.

In the original bill, succession rights would have guaranteed that unionized civil servants' collective agreements would follow them if their service is transferred or privatized.

The Liberal and Tory MLAs, who had been filibustering passage of the bill, said Thursday they are encouraged, but are waiting for a response from the 18 business groups that were demanding changes.

The NDP maintains its Labour Board Act is housekeeping legislation merging six separate labour boards.

The business community is more concerned with provisions guaranteeing successor rights to civil servants.

Business lobbyists argued that could be interpreted as a way to give contracts only to unionized companies. The NDP said their amendments will specifically rule that out.

Business groups have not responded to the NDP offer.

Dexter told reporters the government has satisfied three of four amendments proposed by the business lobby.

When the bill was tabled last week, the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union welcomed the proposed changes as something it had been fighting to get for years.