The Nova Scotia NDP is accusing the Liberals of gutter politics for circulating a photo in which of one of their candidates appears partially nude.

A member of the Liberal campaign team sent CBC News the photo of Lenore Zann, a veteran actress who will be the NDP's candidate in Truro-Bible Hill in the next provincial election.

The photo is from the cable TV series the L Word, one of the many shows Zann has appeared in. The show is about the lives of a group of lesbians in Los Angeles. In the photo, Zann's breasts are exposed.

The image was sent to CBC News on Wednesday, the same day NDP Leader Darrell Dexter announced Zann's candidacy in Truro. The Liberals suggested the photo was relevant in a community where the mayor had refused to fly a gay pride flag.

Dexter said he is aware of Zann's roles.

"I'm just extraordinarily disappointed that someone would seek to try and disparage the reputation of a fine, fine individual — a well-known and respected actress," he told CBC News.

Zann said her nude scenes have never been a secret and they have no bearing on her abilities as a candidate.

"I do think it’s very sad when a political party was obviously doing this for an effect and obviously they’re doing it to try to cut down someone they’re obviously afraid of right off the bat," Zann told the Truro Daily News. "I think it shows their desperation."

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil has said his party is the only one not running negative advertisements. He refused to be interviewed by CBC News about the photo.

Glennie Langille, the Liberals' director of communications, sent out a brief statement.

"The L Word is a very popular TV show. These images are in the public domain. The shows were broadcast. It's part of the public record. That's our only comment," said Langille.

Zann is out of the province for a role. She is expected to return for Tuesday's official nomination for Truro-Bible Hill.