A woman from Cole Harbour, N.S. is getting creative to pay off her hefty tuition to Columbia University in New York.

Kristin Slaney said she was ecstatic when she was accepted into the school's playwriting program until the weight of the $50,000 tuition sunk in.

She said she considered turning down the opportunity.

"And then I realized that if I don't even try to make this happen that it's going to be one of those things I regret," Slaney said.

So she turned to the public. Slaney set up an Indiegogo campaign and is offering a few perks to those willing to contribute.

She will write a ukulele song inspired by anyone who gives her $100.

Give $200, and she'll write a monologue with the donors name.

Even people who donate just $20 will get a monthly newsletter from New York.

Slaney has raised more than $1,800 so far. Including grants, donations, sponsors and scholarships Slaney has about $33,000 toward her tuition.

Her orientation begins at the end of August.