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RCMP say they are investigating the harassment the owner of Breighmara Equestrian says she had endured. (CBC)

The owner of a horse boarding facility near Halifax says allegations of animal abuse at her stable are false and are part of a campaign to discredit her.

The woman said that since May a former client of Breighmara Equestrian has been levelling false complaints against her. 

"I’ve had threats on my life, I’ve had threats on my animals, I’ve had threats on my property," the owner said.

RCMP confirm they are investigating both the allegations of abuse at the stable and the harassment the owner said she’s endured.

"We have due diligence to follow up on these complaints to see if they are warranted or not," RCMP Cpl. Scott MacRae said. "Sometimes in the police world we find out things actually happened, and sometimes we find out it's not true."

The owner does not want to be identified. She said she fears for her safety following the online posting of photos of two horses that died at her stable this week.

"I’ve had threats from as far away as Alberta, Ontario," she said.

The owner said one of the horses had a tumour under the scapula of its left shoulder. 

The horse went down during Wednesday night's storm. It was "cast," which means its legs were too close to the wall of the stall and it was unable to get up.

The owner said she went for help to get the 1,200 pound animal back on its feet, but when she returned the horse was dead.

The owner said the other horse was very old — 39 years of age. She said she believes it panicked when it heard the first horse screaming and thrashing. The older horse died in her arms, she said.

The owner of Breighmara Equestrian said she is now considering legal action against the people she alleges are spreading false information about her business online.