The 60 rescued puppies sent to Halifax from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, are causing quite a stir with animal lovers in Nova Scotia and beyond.

The pups made national news Saturday when they landed on Nova Scotian soil, and were even featured on the American news network CNN.

Shelley Cunningham, president of Litters n' Critters, the animal rescue organization in Halifax that accepted the dogs, says she's been overwhelmed with kindness.

"There were over 100 applications that came in between yesterday and last night and there were well over 300 emails and messages," Cunningham said.

What started as a desperate tweet by the Happy Valley-Goose Bay SPCA for help, ended with a special delivery Saturday in Halifax via FedEx Canada.

The demand now to adopt the 60 puppies left homeless after forest fires ravished parts of Labrador has far exceeded anyone's expectations.

For now though, most are in foster homes like Brenda Gagne's.

"He sits down when he eats, and he sleeps through the night, and hasn't messed in the house yet," Gagne says chuckling.

Cunningham says though she appreciates the outpouring, most of the dogs are already lined up for permanent homes, and it's now just a matter of making sure they get settled in their surroundings.