Nova Scotia has unveiled the province's newest provincial park on a swath of land stretching nearly 300 hectares in Lower Sackville adjacent to First Lake and Second Lake.

The new Sackville Lakes Provincial Park is Nova Scotia's 98th provincial park.

The Second Lake Regional Park Association, a citizen's group, has been looking after the land on the province's behalf and lobbying for this designation for decades.

Shane O'Neil, the group's co-chair, said this means the land is now fully protected from development.

"There's always pressure by developers. There's pressure by residents. There's pressure to actually develop lands closest to Metro because it's cheaper. That pressure now it's still going to exist but at least this land is not going to be subject to that pressure," he said.

But not everyone is overjoyed with the new designation.

Steven Dart is one of the many people who uses the trails in the park to let his dog run free.

A new park means new leash rules.

"It will be an inconvenience, I'll still come back in here but it will be an inconvenience right? You're not going to see the people back here that you see right now," he said.

The province is hoping the official designation will mean more people will know about and use the area.