Many parents across Nova Scotia say they're frustrated their children are heading back to larger class sizes and fewer resources. The minister of education says she's prepared to act, once she receives details from school boards. 

Colleen Robbins, mother of two daughters who attend Sir Charles Tupper elementary school in Halifax, said she's worried.

"Class sizes are bigger than ever and we have fewer resources for the kids with special needs."


Education Minister Ramona Jennex (CBC)

Robbins said the school has 267 students, just 3 fewer than last year, but it has lost two teachers meaning larger classes.

"My daughter in Grade 3 wouldn't be categorized as an independent learner so she could easily slip behind. My other daughter is very independent, strong student, but will she be challenged this year? Will they be able to meet the outcomes? That's hard to say," she said.

Robbins said she wants the province to hire more teachers.

Education Minister Ramona Jennex said she needs more information from the school boards before any new teachers could be hired.

"Anywhere where there is a difficulty where class sizes are too large we're going to be addressing that," said the minister.

Classes in grades primary to three are supposed to be limited to 29 students. There is no limit for other grades.

In May, the Halifax Regional School board announced it would cut 152 classroom teachers to handle its 0.9 per cent budget reduction for 2012-13.

The board had said higher costs for utilities, fuel and salaries meant a net reduction of $10.2 million.