Nova Scotia has now paid $21 million to the Nova Star ferry, handing over the province's entire seven-year commitment in the first summer. 

Economic Development Minister Michel Samson won't rule out spending more money. The province handed over the last $2.1 million this week. 

The ferry between Portland, Maine, and Yarmouth ran at about 10 per cent of its capacity in June, according to the latest numbers from the City of Portland. The vessel's capacity is 1,215 passengers for each trip.

Samson said Thursday that the province is not interested in taking over ferry operations, but is in negotiations with the company on possibly offering more support.

In an email statement from Mark Amundsen, president and CEO of Nova Star Cruises, he says the company continues to work with the province to focus on rebuilding the ferry service between Nova Scotia and Maine.

He wrote, "Our goal was to reintroduce this service after many years and get re-established after a four year hiatus of a ferry between Portland and Yarmouth."

Amundsen said they know it will take more than the first year to rebuild.

"We have required the committed funds from the province to get the service established and we continue to be in ongoing conversations with officials from the province."

The 161-metre ferry is scheduled to make daily round-trip crossings until Nov. 2.