A Nova Scotia fishermen accused of drug smuggling in Spain has been found guilty on those charges and has been released on conditions.  

Phillip Halliday, 55, had told a Spanish court he had no idea 1,000 kilograms of cocaine worth about $600 million were on board the ship he was working on.  

Halliday's Canadian lawyer Kevin Burke said he is now working on getting him back to Canada. Halliday spent more than three years in jail outside of Madrid, Spain.  

Halliday was arrested in 2009 after Spanish police intercepted a former Canadian Coast Guard ship carrying cocaine worth $600 million.

The drugs were concealed under a bolted trap door. Since the bust, 14 people from Britain and Colombia have been jailed for importing drugs to Spain.  

The fisherman told the court back in November that he had volunteered to take the ship from Shelburne, N.S., to Central America because he missed the sea after retiring.  

Halliday is one of ten people on trial. Seven were crew on the Destiny Empress and three were arrested in Spain, including a Colombian man Spanish police say is the ringleader of an international drug smuggling operation.