Cyclists hope that the route could turn Nova Scotia into a bicycle-friendly province.

Cyclists in Nova Scotia are celebrating the announcement that the province is going to create a Blue Route, which will help cyclists spin - safely - from community to community.

During the weekend’s Cycling Summit, the department of transportation announced it has appointed one of its engineers to oversee the project.

“It’ll be great for active transportation,” said Andrée Crépaud of Velo Cape Breton. “It’ll be a real step forward for tourism.”

Crépaud said many roads would be ideal to add space for bicycles, including the highway between South Bar to New Waterford, which is currently under construction.

“That would be a great cycling route for recreation or transportation,” she said. “It’s a beautiful stretch of the road.”

Crépaud said the Blue Route project is based on Quebec's bicycle path system which is more than 5,000 kilometres long.