A couple in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia tied the knot in a Tim Hortons over the weekend even though neither the bride nor groom actually drinks coffee.

Charlie and Natalie Aalders met just a few months ago. They started corresponding online and decided to meet face-to-face at the nearby Tim Hortons in New Minas.

"Neither one of us drink coffee, but we figured we could get a hot chocolate," said Charlie Aalders.

The pair quickly brewed a romance that they knew would last a lifetime. On Valentine’s Day, Charlie proposed by spray-painting a heart in the snow. Then, the couple cooked up a wedding plan like none other.

"We didn’t want to spend a lot of money," said the bride. "But we wanted everyone to enjoy it. Tim Horton’s was the place we met so it just seemed right."

Coffee shop on board

The staff at the coffee shop couldn’t believe what the couple was ordering up.

"The owner called me on Wednesday and indicated that there was going to be a wedding at our store and I said ‘wow’!" said Shirley Robinson-Lucas. She purposely kept the secret from the regulars, who were left doing a double-take while sipping on their double-doubles.


A trip to Tim Hortons brewed up a love story for Charlie and Natalie Aalders. (CBC)

"Romance! It’s all about Tim Hortons," Robinson-Lucas laughed.

Natalie and Charlie Aalders said their vows in front of a group of their friends and family who crowded into the busy coffee shop.

"I’d say 95 per cent of the people thought it was an amazing idea. It’s different, original, fun," said Charlie.

"It was a little stressful," confessed the bride. "I thought a Tim Hortons wedding would be stress-free!"

Now that it’s over, the couple has no regrets about their trip to the Tim Hortons chapel.

"A lot of people commented that Charlie rolled up the rim and won," said Natalie. But she said she came out with the best prize.

"I’d rather have Charlie than a Toyota."