N.S. claims worst road title in Atlantic Canada

A rural road in Pictou County, Nova Scotia has won the dubious distinction of being the worst road in Atlantic Canada.

Cape John Road in River John tops CAA list, Hanwell Road in Fredericton rolls in to second place

The crumbling pavement on Cape John Road clinched its title as the worst road in the Atlantic region. (CBC)

A rural road in Pictou County, Nova Scotia has won the dubious distinction of being the worst road in Atlantic Canada.

The list of bad roads is put out every year by the Canadian Auto Association. This year, the association received 4,045 votes to make up the list.

The top roads include seven from Nova Scotia, four from New Brunswick and one from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Here’s the list of CAA's worst roads in Atlantic Canada:

  1. Cape John Road, River John, N.S.
  2. Hanwell Road, Fredericton, N.B.
  3. A tie between New Brunswick 630, Andersonville, N.B. and Forties Road, New Ross, N.S.
  4. Foxbrook Road, Hopewell, N.S.
  5. Kempt Head Road, Ross Ferry, N.S.
  6. A tie between Nova Scotia 203, Kemptville, N.S. and Ridge Road, Digby, N.S.
  7. Rothesay Avenue, Saint John, N.B.
  8. Balmoral Road, Tatamagouche, N.S.
  9. Pleasantview Avenue, Paradise, N.L.
  10. Fredericton Road, Salisbury, N.B.

This year's list is a contrast from 2012, when Newfoundland and Labrador claimed five of the top 10 roads.

Gary Howard, a spokesperson for CAA Atlantic, said the list offers municipal, provincial and federal governments a view of which roads need the most work.

"They see this as a fairly good opportunity to let the public know what they’re doing about the state of these roads," he said.

In the coming weeks, Howard says CAA will speak with governments to address their road repair plans.

Patch work underway

In Nova Scotia, crews were out patching up Cape John Road just hours after the list was released.

Cape John Road was patched up just hours after the ten worst roads list was announced. (CBC)

Sterling Heighton, who drives on Cape John Road a couple of times a day, said it's been a problem for years.

"It's almost impossible," he said. "You've gotta drive down the middle of it or the wrong side of the road to get around the holes. It's not safe. If you're travelling in a ploughed field it wouldn't be any rougher."

Heighton has no doubt the road is the worst.

"We complain about it in vain."

Leslie Pretty said she's also grumbled about the road. She drives on it about four times a day and said she's tired of spending money on car repairs.

"Everybody's upset about it," she said. "They've been waiting for a long time to have it repaired."