A group representing Acadians in Nova Scotia says the new provincial government seems willing to revisit the issue of electoral boundaries in Francophone communities.

The Acadian Federation claims the electoral map, adopted in December 2012, limits their representation. They asked a judge to throw out the map because it eliminates three so-called protected Acadian seats.

Former premier Darrell Dexter turned down the Acadian Federation’s request to refer the matter to the province's court of appeal eight months ago.

But the group said Michel Samson, the new minister of Acadian affairs, is more open to the idea.

Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia President Justin Mury said if Samson agrees to refer the matter, the court can rule on whether the merging of Argyle, Clare and Richmond with other ridings was constitutional.

“Ultimately we don't believe the courts will tell the province to re-establish the ridings, but just make invalid their decision to abolish them. So then it would be most likely between the federation and the provincial government to figure out what are the next steps where do we go from now,” he said.

Mury said the civil suit launched last year will still go ahead, but the group says the referral would be much cheaper and quicker.