Police in Nova Scotia are warning people to stay away from a waterfall near Tatamagouche after a 42-year-old woman from New Brunswick was stranded on top for an hour and a half on Thursday.

Mounties said the group was cliff diving. They said the woman jumped into a pool of water at the top of Drysdale Falls, which are about 16 metres high, and was stuck.

Someone called 911, but RCMP Cpl. Addie MacCallum said neither police nor firefighters could reach her.

A team from Truro with special repelling gear rescued her 90 minutes later.

"What they’re doing is cliff diving. They are taking their lives in their hands. You’re jumping down, hitting water at tremendous speed with rocks and other sharp objects in there, you don’t know what’s in there. All it takes is one slip and you can end up seriously injured or it could end up with a fatality," said MacCallum.

Someone died at Drysdale Falls six years ago.

MacCallum said police will continue patrols in the area for the rest of the summer.