The company that is supposed to be cutting up and removing the stranded MV Miner from Scatarie Island is once again taking a break.

The New York-based Bennington Group wants to meet with the province because of confusion surrounding what it can and cannot do.

Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker said he's not sure what the problem is, but the Dexter government is just as frustrated by continuing delays.

On Oct. 29, the province lifted a stop-work order on the project after reviewing safety plans. At the time, the head of the Bennington Group, said he was ready to turn his back on the salvage because of continuous delays.

The company has until Dec. 1 to do its salvage work this year.

The MV Miner has been stuck off Cape Breton's coast for more than a year. It was en route to Turkey when the towline snapped and it ran aground.