Musquodoboit Harbour residents want public transit

People in Musquodoboit Harbour say the city should give the community public transit to keep them connected to the rest of the community.

Resident pressuring HRM to get MusGo Rider rolling

Musquodoboit Harbour hasn't had public transit since 1994. (CBC)

People in Musquodoboit Harbour haven't had public transit since 2004 and some say the city should help pay to keep them connected to the rest of the community. They plan to attend Tuesday's meeting of the Halifax regional council to ask for money for a bus. 

Musquodoboit Harbour is about 45 kilometres east of Halifax and part of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

"I remember meeting a couple hitching to Dartmouth in a snow storm — they were both in their 80s," said Colin Cameron, who says he struggles to get around without any public transport in Musquodoboit Harbour.

Lucie Quigley is trying fix that by setting up MusGo Rider.

"MusGo Rider is a community co-operative that focuses on providing rural transportation for the members of our community within our community," Quigley said.

Coun. David Hendsbee says the city came up with a plan to fund rural transit in 2007, but so far has failed to fund projects like MusGo Rider.

According to the region's Transit Plan, "it is anticipated that the local feeder services will require a variety of service options other than conventional transit buses that allow services to be tailored to the unique needs of individual communities."

Hendsbee says there is $325,000 in the budget for rural transit.

Lucie Quigley is trying to get MusGo Rider transit service going in Musquodoboit Harbour. (CBC)

Previously, the money was committed to set up rural transit in Lucasville, but the project was shelved and the money was never spent.

Cameron says it's only fair to spend it on another rural transport project.

A city spokesperson says the money will return to the capital budget next year.