A new Halifax business is filling a gap in local market demand that's attracting customers from around the globe.

Amanda Redmond, 23, converted to Islam about a year ago.   


Amanda Redmond, 23, converted to Islam about a year ago and said she started her business because she wanted a local place to buy hijabs. (www.alqamar.ca)

Tradition dictates that Muslim women wear a hijab — a veil which covers the head — but Redmond said she had a hard time finding what she was looking for locally.  

She said she would have to place hijab orders through the U.S. and the U.K.  

"I found that shipping and getting the items here — it was rather difficult and I noticed as I started talking to more people, there wasn't really any established business here that really offered these things to these girls," she said.  

In September, Redmond created Al Qamar, an online store offering brightly colored scarves, pins and hijabs.

The designs range from plain black, to sport scarves, to decorative scarves with ruffles, sequins and lace.   

Just five months after beginning her business, Redmond said she has almost 100 customers around the world.  

Paige Aziz, who lives in Halifax, said she loves the local availability of Al Qamar's products.  

"Most of the people that I do know love the assortment of colours," she said. "It really allows you to express, while at the same time keeping with your own interpretation of modesty."  

Redmond said she plans to grow her business and hopes one day to open an Al Qamar retail store.