The Department of Transportation has hired a consultant to see if the highway between Sydney and Glace Bay can be made safer.

A motorcycle driver was airlifted to Halifax for treatment Tuesday after being injured in a two-vehicle collision.

Sgt. Russell Baker with the Traffic Division said there's at least one accident a week on the Sydney end of the highway.

Baker said the Kytes Hill area is especially dangerous during rush hour traffic.

"It's probably a unique situation for a subdivision to be located on a four-lane highway with an 80 kilometre speed zone," he said. "It's a subdivision which has 60 to 70 homes with just a regular stop sign to enter onto Glace Bay Highway. It becomes even more dangerous in inclement weather."

Baker said in Tuesday's crash, the motorcyclist was struck from behind when he stopped to make a left-hand turn into a driveway. The 25-year-old is in serious condition.

Last September, a motorcycle rider was killed while trying to turn into the Kytes Hill subdivision.

Baker said the provincial study will look at the entire highway, but will focus on the Kytes Hill stretch.