Residents in Mulgrave are getting their fill of elections with the town set to vote for a new council member in November, marking the fourth time the town has called a municipal election in the last year.

Only two people put their names forward to fill four vacant council seats for the municipal election in October 2012. As a result, the mayor and first two councillors were acclaimed.

A special byelection was called on Dec. 1 to fill the two remaining spots but that produced only one more candidate, who was once again acclaimed.

During a third election in February, Ann MacDonald was elected to fill the last empty seat. The full chamber was short lived — MacDonald moved to Antigonish, making her ineligible to sit on Mulgrave town council.

Now a fourth election has been called. The deadline for nominations is Oct. 15 and the vote will be held Nov. 9.

Lorne MacDonald, the mayor Mulgrave, said he's at a loss as to why people don't want to offer themselves up for public service.

"To me it's enjoyable because I try to help the people out that you can the best you can and overall it's the best for the town of Mulgrave," he said.

"That's what you got to look at."

MacDonald said the cost of all the elections is adding up.

"The last byelections cost $18,000. It's about $5,000 an election and that money could be spent on other projects for the town," he said.

"It's going to cost around $5,000 this year to have this byelection and that money could be used for other things, that we could use for recreation, the fire department other things in town that would be a benefit."

Hugh Landry, the town's chief administrative officer, said the town has no choice but to fill the seat.

"The town has no option but to afford it," he said.