Fishermen worried about Ottawa allowing corporations to own and operate fishing licences got a boost from Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Wednesday afternoon.

Mulcair met with a few groups, including the Eastern Shore Fishermen's Protective Association, in Dartmouth.

Fishermen have been concerned over the state of fishing licences in Canada after a review paper on modernization was released by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans earlier this year.

Mulcair said the fishermen are right to worry.

"So it's a two-pronged approach," Mulcair said, "One is you start threatening the very existence of your licence system and two, you start going after the ability to keep people employed in these fisheries, which are of course seasonal."

"So it's a two-pronged approach by the Conservatives to try to bring in the large corporations and defeat a system that has allowed these local communities to survive."

Mulcair said he plans to fight in the House of Commons for fishermen to keep their way of life.