The Mounties came to the rescue of an eight-year-old disabled Dartmouth girl Thursday, recovering her stolen wheelchair and walker.

Late Thursday afternoon, Halifax RCMP found Brianna Benoit's specialized equipment in a ditch in a rural area near Dartmouth.

The Benoit family's van was stolen from its Dartmouth driveway in the early morning hours of Wednesday, police said.

Sandy Benoit discovered the van was missing when she went out to drive her daughter to her first day in Grade 3. The wheelchair and walker worth about $10,000 were in the van.

Brianna, who is legally blind and deaf, needs the wheelchair and walker to get around. Without them, she was unable to attend school.

Halifax RCMP found the stolen van early Thursday morning and a short time later, arrested a 42-year-old man outside the Black Cultural Centre in Cherry Brook.

He has been charged with theft and possession of stolen goods and will appear in Dartmouth provincial court at a later date.

Before the wheelchair and walker were recovered, Harding Medical Supplies of Halifax and Lawtons Drug Stores, part of Sobeys Inc., had offered to replace them free of charge.