Motorcyclist hospitalized after run-in with pothole

A Cape Breton motorcyclist who was recently hospitalized after a devastating blow with a pothole says more needs to be done to fix the region's roads.

Cape Breton man says more needs to be done to resurface roads before someone is killed

Colin Hibbs shattered his collar bone, cracked his shoulder blade in three spots and got three broken ribs and a fractured arm from the accident. (CBC)

A Cape Breton motorcyclist who was recently hospitalized after a devastating blow with a pothole says more needs to be done to fix the region's roads.

Colin Hibbs was riding his Harley Davidson on the corner of South Street and Centre Avenue in Donkin when he saw a series of potholes in front of him. 

He swerved around the first, but couldn’t avoid the second.

“My collarbone is shattered. My shoulder blade is cracked in three spots, three broken ribs and fractured my arm,” he said. 

Hibbs says his front tire got hooked in the pothole while his bike kept moving. 

His friend Justin McInnis says he was on the ground for about 25 seconds. He says you could see the pain on his face. 

“Potholes are deathly on a motorcycle. They may destroy your car, but they will kill you on a motorcycle,” said McInnis.

Hibbs, who works in northern Canada, will be off work for the next three months.

He says more work needs to be done to fix roads, before someone is killed. Hibbs adds that just filling potholes isn’t always enough.

“A lot of roads have to be resurfaced," he said. "Just a lot of road work has to be done."