Mother of overdose victim says methadone changes needed

A mother in the Annapolis Valley is reacting to the charge laid by police in the drug overdose death of her daughter four months ago.

Police lay charge this week after woman's death four months ago

A mother who lost her daughter to a drug overdose wants changes made to how methadone is given out. 2:23

A mother in the Annapolis Valley is speaking out about the methadone that killed her daughter.

The alleged pusher who sold Katanna MacDonald the drugs that killed her has been charged. MacDonald died in June, 2012 after an overdose of methadone allegedly bought on the street.

"I can't bring her back," said a tearful Wanda Martin, MacDonald's mother. "But if we can save this from happening to someone else, then her death won't be in vain."

Police have charged an acquaintance, Kelsey Leanne Pynch, with criminal negligence causing death and trafficking.

"I didn't know their relationship existed," said Martin. "When this all happened is when I first learned about Kelsey and Katanna knowing each other."

Martin says MacDonald had been living on her own for several years. Her drug use, she thought, was confined to marijuana.

Katanna MacDonald died of an overdose four months ago. (Facebook)

"This had been going on for quite some time," said Martin. "I had absolutely no idea it had gone any deeper than that. I had no idea that she had even tried anything else until she was in Kentville hospital."

The courts will decide if the death was a crime. Martin says one thing must change — people must no longer be allowed to carry methadone away from treatment, known as carries.

"The carry homes killed Katanna. They killed people before Katanna and they will kill again. Somebody needs to make a difference," said Martin.

For now Wanda Martin mourns. She says she'll be in court next month to see the person accused of selling the drugs that killed MacDonald.