More snares found in Dartmouth's Shubie Park

A second snare and hanging wire were found in Dartmouth's Shubie Park on Tuesday, raising the level of concern for dog owners.

A second snare and hanging wire were found in Dartmouth's Shubie Park on Tuesday, raising the level of concern for dog owners.

Rodney Habib, owner of pet store Planet Paws, said he found wire attached to a low-hanging branch, at about the height of a medium-sized dog.

He believes someone was getting ready to install a third snare.

"This is definitely brand new," Habib said, gesturing to the hanging wire.

"It looks like someone was setting it up but didn't get a chance to have it assembled."

The search for snares started after one man, in an off-leash area of Shubie Park over the weekend, spotted a border collie with a snare wrapped around its neck.

Another man walking his dog found a second snare lying in the middle of a path Tuesday morning.

Habib, who shared pictures of the snares through social media, said he had been contacted by hunters who said the snares looked like the work of an amateur.

He said a hunter's rabbit snare would be double-tied — not single-tied — with no release so it could capture and strangle the animal quickly.

Dog owners in Shubie Park said they're worried.

"I think of all the dogs who romp and who love romping in the forest. It's not fair," said Jane Bachynski.

"Somebody really should be charged for this. It's malicious."

Coun. Darren Fisher, who started the search of snares on Monday, said he would be calling the Department of Natural Resources about the issue.

"My hope yesterday was that there was only one, this was a one-off. Now we know it's not a one-off," he said Tuesday.

"Still more questions than answers."

Habib said he will continue beating the bushes and looking for hazards before any more dogs get tangled in the traps.

"Whoever would do such a sick prank, hopefully they watch this and maybe back away, knowing everyone now in the park is looking out," he said.