A Halifax man wants to transform the Halifax Regional Municipality into one of the most accessible communities in North America.

When Gerry Post, who uses a wheelchair, tried to get picked up at a bus stop next to the Halifax Shopping Centre last month, the sidewalk was too narrow for the bus's wheelchair ramp to deploy.

“It’s the sidewalk guys [not] talking to the bus guys,” he said.

This week, Post presented an action plan to an HRM committee on how to further transform the city to make it more accessible.  

“To go into strategic districts like downtown Dartmouth, downtown Halifax, the hospital district -- Bayer’s Lake is a big challenge,” said Post.

Post is optimistic partly because Mayor Mike Savage seems to be on-side.  

“We need to do more to be more accessible, it’s what progressive cities are doing,” Savage said.

The mayor said accessibility issues will be part of presentation to council next week on a Healthy Communities strategy.

“I think we’re taking a lot of steps. I think generally we can do more, we can really be a city that has a plan,” Savage said.    

Post wants the city to spend $1 million per year over the next five years to make Halifax more accessible.  

Savage said he understands some money is needed but he's not making any specific promises yet.