People living in Halifax Atlantic will have a new MLA after the next provincial election because their current representative says she will not reoffer.

Michele Raymond, who has been representing the riding since 2003, said her decision to leave is not about any disagreement with the NDP government.

"It has been three terms and three elections," she said. "I think it's time for a new voice and I have responsibilities in my own life – there are things that I haven't done yet that I need to get done. And I feel it's very, very important."

Raymond is currently an NDP backbencher. She said she's not leaving because of the current leadership.

"I don't have disagreements with the direction. I think maybe I'm not well suited to the legislative process. It's a different world, it really is and there are many ways of getting things done."

Raymond said she's proud of what her riding has accomplished in the last nine years and she's enjoyed her work.

Raymond's husband is former Liberal MLA Russell MacKinnon.

He's going to trial next spring, on fraud and forgery charges that came out of the MLA expense scandal.