The dogs were sent to Pitbull Project Rescue, an organization that rehomes pitbulls and other dogs. (CBC)

A misunderstanding has cost a Nova Scotia man his pet dogs.

Like many other Nova Scotians, Dana LeMoine has a job in Alberta. He headed to Grande Prairie in November of last year to work as an electrician.

He did not want to take his two dogs, Bammer and Rocco, to Alberta until he was settled there.

A mutual friend put LeMoine in touch with Laura Smith who operates Pit Project Rescue on a volunteer basis. The project helps find new homes for pitbulls and other dogs. Rocco is a pitbull.

LeMoine and Smith met several times prior to Lemoine's departure for Alberta. Smith wanted to make sure his dogs were compatible with hers. She agreed to take Bammer and Rocco.

LeMoine never signed any paperwork. He never paid any money. When he returned to Nova Scotia at Christmas time and asked to see his dogs, Smith told him she did not have them.

LeMoine then demanded the return of his dogs.

When he was unsuccessful, LeMoine took Smith to small claims court. He was asking for $4,900: $1,500 for Rocco, $600 for Bammer, return airfare to Halifax of $950.91, plus money for lost wages and pain and suffering. 

In a decision released Friday, a small claims adjudicator rejected LeMoine's claims. He says it is clear Smith thought she was taking possession of LeMoine's dogs for the purpose of finding them new homes. 

The adjudicator says even if he had decided in LeMoine's favour, the amount of damages he was demanding is too high.