marty leger

Search and rescue crews are combing the area around Spider Lake, searching for a missing mountain biker who didn't return home Thursday afternoon. (RCMP)

A search is underway in the Waverley area for a 30-year-old man who went mountain biking yesterday and failed to return home.

RCMP say Marty Leger was expected home Thursday at around 4 p.m. after he went mountain biking alone. RCMP received the call that he was missing at 8:40 p.m.

Leger is originally from Moncton, but now lives in Halifax.

His vehicle was found parked at the end of Spider Lake Road near the trail head.

Police say a canine unit is helping several search crews. A helicopter swept the area around Spider Lake.

The Department of Natural Resources was also at the scene.

Tony Mancini, an avid biker who is familiar with the trails near Spider Lake, came out to help.

“I live in the neighbourhood, I ride, and because I’m familiar with [the trails] — probably more so than many of even the trained searchers — I figured if I can point them in the right direction, that [would] be great,” said Mancini.

He said the trails weave through dense woods.

“There’s lots of trails, so it’s easy to get lost and turned around if you’re not familiar with them,” said Mancini.

“We refer to [these trails] in the biking world as single-track, meaning one bike at a time. You couldn’t bike side by side. So a lot of ups and downs, what we call rock gardens — which are a lot of roots and rocks, and so you have to have experience to be able to ride them because it’s not smooth riding.”

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