Missing hikers use cellphone to alert police

Two men who went missing while hiking near Point Tupper on Monday used a cellphone to call for help.

Emergency crews eventually found the pair

Two missing men used a cellphone to call for help after a hiking mishap near Point Tupper on Monday.

RCMP said they got a call from the hikers around 7:30 p.m. They said the men were disoriented and looking for help.

"Well as you can imagine, technology certainly assists us, especially with cellphones. We are able to get information as to their location, but it's not an exact pinpoint location. It's certainly close enough to give our searchers an idea of where they area," said Sgt. Gavin Nash.

The RCMP brought in police dogs, ground search and rescue, two fire departments, the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway and the Department of Natural Resources.

The two men were able to build a fire to keep warm while waiting for police. They were eventually located by a police dog several hours later.