A Nova Scotia family is asking for help to find their missing dog before an expected blizzard hits the province on Wednesday.

Gulluk, a husky, has been missing since March 8 when he ran away from his family in Lower Sackville. He was adopted from Labrador in February after retiring as a sled dog.

"He's in unfamiliar territory. This is new terrain for him," said Louise Leonard, the daughter of Gulluk's owners. "It doesn't matter if it's day or night, we need to know where he is."

Leonard said Gulluk, who is 10 years old, scaled a mesh retaining wall and then jumped a 1.8-metre fence.

For the two weeks that he's been missing, Gulluk's owners have been able to track his whereabouts with the help of hundreds of followers on a Facebook page that has been set up to find him.

The most recent sighting was along St. Margarets Bay Road on Tuesday morning. People said they thought they saw Gulluk running toward Boutiliers Point.

"You would think a 10-year-old dog cannot make it as far as he has but he's gone quite a ways. They can run up to 100 miles in 24 hours," said Leonard.

"He was on Lucasville Road, then he was on the Hammonds Plains Road where he was spotted in a cemetery."

Leonard's parents, Don and Dana Bowden, plan to spend the night along the St. Margaret's Bay Road searching for their missing dog. They're hoping to spot him before the storm moves in on Wednesday.

Leonard said she knows people in the area are looking out for Gulluk but they don't want anyone searching for him once the snow starts falling. As a former sled dog, she said he knows what to do.

"He will be hunkered down somewhere I'm sure, curled up in a ball underneath some branches or something," she said.